Panic Motorsports Spec Miatas at Carolina Motorsports Park
Spec Miatas at New Jersey Motorsports Park
Carolina Cup Pro Series champion
Spec Miata vs. BMW at Virginia International Raceway
Steve Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Rebecca Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Audi PLM at Road Atlanta
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Spec Miatas at Roebling Road Raceway
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Upcoming events:
19-25 Sept., SCCA National Runoffs at
MidOhio SportsCar Course:
22-25 Sept, NASA
Championships at Watkins Glen Int. Raceway:

8-9 Oct., SARRC Invitational Challenge at
Roebling Road Raceway

All results are listed as "in class"
unless otherwise noted

Pitt International Raceway, 13-14 August:
Drew Strickland, 1st, ITB Honda on Saturday
and Sunday! Woohoo!

CCR-SCCA Daylight into Dark at Charlotte
Motor Speedway, 13-14 August
Saturday SARRC
Alex Phelps, STU Miata, 1st
Sam Barnett, SM, 3rd
Waylon Hinson, SM, 6th
Roger Burdette, SM, 9th
Bradley Zilisch, SM, 13th (DNF, mechanical)

Saturday Carolina Cup Pro Series
Mike Burke, T4 Miata, 1st
Don and Darren Arns, ITA Miata, 2nd
Waylon Hinson, SM, 2nd
Jim Poston, SM, 4th

Sunday SARRC
Waylon Hinson, SM, 2nd
Alex Phelsp, STU Miata, 1st
Roger Burdette, SM, 5th
Sam Barnett, SM, 7th

Sunday Carolina Cup Pro Series
Don and Darren Arns, ITA Miata, 1st
Sam Barnett, SM, 1st
Jim Poston, SM, 3rd

July Fry at Road Atlanta, 22-23 July:
Saturday Carolina Cup Pro Series
Don Arns, 1st, ITA Miata
Mike Burke, 1st, T4 Miata
Waylon Hinson, 2nd, Spec Miata
Jim Poston, 4th, Spec Miata

Saturday ECR (Endurance Champ. Racing)
Jim Poston, 2nd, Spec Miata
Waylon Hinson, 3rd, Spec Miata

Saturday SARRC
Jon Watkins, 2nd, SMSE Miata
Chris Topping, 5th, Spec Miata
Waylon Hinson, 16th, Spec Miata
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Panic Motorsports Spec Miata team photo at Carolina Motorsports Park Summer 2013
2008, '09, and '11 CCPS Champs - '10, '12, '13, and '14 13 Hour Champions
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