Panic Motorsports Spec Miatas at Carolina Motorsports Park
Spec Miatas at New Jersey Motorsports Park
Carolina Cup Pro Series champion
Spec Miata vs. BMW at Virginia International Raceway
Steve Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Rebecca Bertok in the #90 Spec Miata
Audi PLM at Road Atlanta
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Spec Miatas at Roebling Road Raceway
Panic Motorsports offers...
  • 30+ years experience
  • Spec Miata builds and rentals
  • Arrive-and-Drive programs
  • Trackside support
  • Dyno testing and tuning
  • Street car service
  • Tire installation and balancing
  • High-quality salvage parts
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Safety equipment
  • Driving instruction, and
  • AWESOME T-shirts!
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Panic Motorsports Spec Miata team photo at Carolina Motorsports Park Summer 2013
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Established Sept 2006
Upcoming Events:

Call now to schedule your 2018 racing
season with Panic Motorsports!

28-29 Apr: Jim Stark Memorial double
regional at Roebling Road Raceway.
here until midnight, 24 April.

4-6 May: Central Florida Region Showcase II
regional SARRC and enduro at Daytona.

12-13 May: SARRC / MARRS Challenge at
Virginia International Raceway.
opens 1 April.

30-31 May: David Murry Track Days event at
Virginia International Raceway.

8-10 June: SCCA SE Majors Conference at
Charlotte Motor Speedway.
opens 1 May.

14-17 June: June Sprints at Road America,
Wisconsin. Register here through midnight
of 7 June.

20-21 June: David Murry Track Days event at
Virginia International Raceway.

22-24 June: NE Conference SCCA Majors at
Watkins Glen Raceway, NY.
Need a full trailer for this one if we're going!
opens 25 April.

30 June - 1 July: SE Conference Majors at
Roebling Road Raceway

28-29 July: Summer Sizzle Double Regional
at Road Atlanta

3-5 Aug: CFR Double Regional at Daytona

25-26 Aug: Double Regional at Barber Motor

Contact us about upcoming test days and
inquire after Spec Miata rentals!