Fabrication Services

Whether you’re building a new car, want an upgrade, or need a replacement piece after you tried to climb the tirewall at turn 4, we’ve got you covered! Panic Motorsports can create a variety of standard and/or custom parts to help your car be the safest, fastest, and best looking vehicle on track! Read more below for information on our fabrication services and a variety of accessories that make Panic’s cars stand out.

Cages and Rollbars

  • Professionaly tig welded
  • On-site CNC cut base plates
  • Tightest fit possible
  • Integrated dash bars
  • Integrated hardtop mounting and window net tabs
  • Car prepped for paint prior to cage installation offers the cleanest most meticulous build available
  • Triangulated design (most intersections are reinforced with a third angle)
  • Certified DOM Tubing
  • Convex door bars for the best driver protection during a side impact
  • Multiple cage designs are available to fit your on-track needs (more than Miatas are welcome!)
  • Seat mounting and drop floors are also available

On-site CNC Cut Parts

On-site CNC plasma cut parts are available to purchase individually, including but not limited to:

  • Window clips
  • Seat backing plates
  • NC seat mount
  • NB/NC hardtop mounts
  • Helmet hooks
  • Push to talk brackets
  • NB rear tie down hooks
  • NA/NB tow hooks and tie downs
  • NC tie downs (for trailering)

For pricing and/or special orders, contact us at: Call or text 803.261.7629 or email info@panicmotorsports.com