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midlandsbiz, Dec 2008
South Carolina Region - SCCA
SCR - Sports Car Club of America
Sports Car Club of America
2008 CCPS
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Feb 2009
Columbia Metropolitan Magazine
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Used miata parts, aftermarket parts, mazda rx7, Spec Miata
prep, miata repair and more!
Panic Motorsports, (c) 2007-2019.
Updated: 9 Jan 2019
Jan 2009
Atlanta Region SCCA
Atlanta Region SCCA
February 2010 issue of Atlanta Region's "Steering
Wheel" newsletter...we're featured on page 23 (right).
Lake Murray Magazine
March 2010
Gearhead Girls Racing
Our own Becca Bertok was selected as Gearhead
Girls Racing's "Enthusiast of the Month",
May 2010
Win at the 13 Hour
Charge of the
Headlight Brigade,
Oct. 2010
Press Release

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SportsCar Magazine
2010 13 Hour write
up and Panic profile
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Feb 2011
Panic Motorsports logo (TM)
Dillon Machavern, Eastern
Conference Majors at Road
March 2013
Sports Car Club of America
SCCA SportsCar Magazine
Business profile on Panic
Panic Motorsports at the Mitty
May 2011
Dillon Machavern in
SportsCar's First Gear
Profile article
May 2013
SportsCar Magazine
Welcome Josh!
August 2013
Panic Motorsports Spec Miata and the Arizona Region SCCA
Panic Motorsports in SportsCar February 2016
It's pretty cool that one of
our pitstop photos, showing
Chris, JB, Dillon (in the car),
and Steve was used for the
title photograph on an
article about "Teamwork"!
SportsCar mag,
Feb. 2016.
And again on the Arizona
Region-SCCA's web site.
Panic Motorsports, LLC
Established Sept 2006
The State Newspaper did a front
page Business Section feature
on our 10-year anniversary  
Sept 2016
Accompanying video feature to
The State Newspaper's article  
Sept 2016
Mazda North America, Racer
Nov 2016
Shop Panic Motorsports on eBay!
The Grand Prix Road Trip blog post Nov 2017
An awesome, comprehensive article in
one of our local papers following Steve's
Spirit of Mazda win
Dec 2018
Panic boss, Steve Bertok, won the November 2018
Spirit of Mazda Award (write up via link)
Dec 2018
Panic's involvement with Mazda Motorsports in
the new shock testing for Spec Miata, written by
Randy Pobst
Aug 2018