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"My goal is not to be a racecar driver. The reason I'm
racing is because I enjoy being in the car and being
on the edge."                 
-Jacques Villeneuve
With 16 years of Spec Miata builds, regardless of whether you
view racing as a hobby, or you hope to move up through the
ranks to a pro series, Panic Motorsports can provide the
trackside support and crew services you need to be on the
podium at the end of the day. Panic's racing services include:

  • New Miata and MX-5 builds for the Spec Miata, T4, and
    Spec-MX5 classes,
  • Project and track day car builds, engine swaps, etc,
  • General fabrication and parts installation,
  • Spec Miata and T4 refresh, tuning, and set-up,
  • Driver coaching,
  • Race car transportation,
  • Trackside support for races and track days, and
  • Crew and race mechanic staffing.

We travel and compete across the South, East Coast, and Mid
West at more than 13 tracks on 30+ weekends each year and
rarely leave the track without multiple podiums. We have five
Spec Miata class wins in the 13 Hours at VIR (+3 additional
podium finishes), and Panic dominates the SeDiv in
endurance racing!  For current race results and photos, follow
us on
Facebook, Instagram, and Race Monitor.

Want a quality, podium-worthy, safe build? We can make it
happen. Panic Motorsports' racing services are not one-size-
fits-all so call or email Steve today to start a discussion.

We look forward to working with you!  
803.261.7629 or
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Auto racing is an inherently dangerous sport.  As a voluntary participant in racing, testing, or track day events who purchases
vehicle modification parts from or contract
s Panic Motorsports, LLC for fabrication work, parts installation, or pre-arranged racing services, including but not limited to those
services listed above, you, your family, and/or beneficiaries cannot hold Panic Motorsports, LLC, its owners, or staff liable for any property damage or bodily injury that may
occur in relation to any event.

Panic Motorsports, LLC does not participate in or condone illegal street racing.
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